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Laundry 101: A how-to guide for Westminster freshmen

Laundry piles up in Sloss Hall laundry room as students do not retrieve their loads. PHOTO BY ALLIE KENNEBECK.


When a high school graduate makes the transition to college, one of the most popular questions the incoming freshman is asked is “Do you know how to do laundry?” This is usually followed up with an unsure response such as “I believe so” or “I hope so.”

Doing laundry is a basic lifelong skill that every college student must learn to master. As seen by some of the laundry rooms in the Quad, it is clear that many freshmen still have a lot to learn about how to do their laundry, or at least how to do so in the Quad’s communal facilities. The following tips can help students do laundry more effectively and more efficiently.

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Opinion: Blue Jay Band Performs Spectacular Show at Fulton State Hospital

From top to bottom, left to right, Westminster’s Blue Jay Band is comprised of: flutist Lydia Colvin, ’17; clarinetist Sawyer Young, ’17; drummer Eric Woytus, ’19; trumpeter Jarod McKee, ’20; tenor saxophonist Jon Chandler, visiting professor of British History; trombonist Dr. Cliff Cain, professor of religious studies; trumpeter Neil Hunt, transfer credit coordinator and instructor of Westminster seminar; bass guitarist Jack Perdue, ’20; and director and trumpeter Alan Nellis, former Wellness Center administrative assistant.  PHOTO COURTESY OF LETICIA FERREIRA.


In the past, the Westminster Blue Jay Band has performed at sporting events, pep rallies and even nursing homes, but our recent visit to the Fulton State Hospital was unlike anything the band had ever done. This semester, the band enters its fourth year of service to Westminster since its humble commencement by then part-time Wellness Center administrative assistant, Alan Nellis.

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The Separation of Sex and Gender: Why Gender Roles are Irrelevant


Gender is a social construct.

This is a statement that many have heard, in politics or in the headlines of progressive social forums on the internet. “Gender is a social construct,” an easily dismissed comment, unless you fall under the umbrella of sexual identities not captured by the blanket-binary terms of ‘’male’’ or ‘‘female.”

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Students, Athletic Trainer Not Satisfied with Campus Workout Facilities

 The Hunter Activity Center cardio room is a relatively cramped area containing machines that have been there for a decade or two.  PHOTO BY BRITTANY MORRIS.


While Westminster has plans to build a football stadium, it has yet to improve workout facilities on campus. This means athletes and non-athletes are left to exercise in tight spaces with run-down equipment.

Westminster Head Athletic Trainer Josh Thompson said that most of the equipment is from 1996 but that the treadmills were bought in in 2006.
“I get complaints about the equipment everyday,” he said, adding, “We spend about $700 per year on repairing the equipment.”
Students say they would like to have more updated equipment in spaces that allow for positive social interaction and a better workout atmosphere.

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Opinion: Why Sports Wagering Should be Legalized in the US

The NFL and NHL will each have one franchise in Las Vegas within the next four years. 


Betting on sports is illegal in 49 states, but by 2021, Las Vegas, the sports betting capital of the world, will be home to one team apiece in both the National Football League and the National Hockey League. Las Vegas is also the most populous city in Nevada, the only state where sports gambling is legal. The fact that the NFL and NHL are making themselves vulnerable to gambling culture raises a question: Should wagering on athletics be legalized in all 50 states?

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The 155-Year Protest of the U.S. Government’s Rejection of the Confederacy Versus the 2016 Protests of the President-Elect

In the months leading up to the presidential election, some Trump supporters began flying a version of the Confederate Flag bearing Trump’s name.


I do not post on social media or speak out like this often, but I want to make a couple of points about some things that have been bothering me lately. A few weeks ago, I came across a sponsored post on Instagram that advertised free “Confederate flags” or Tennessee battle flags, if you simply covered postage. This advertisement, along with many other posts that regard the protests of Donald Trump’s election, inspired me to write this article.

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