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Westminster Campus Activities Board Strives for More Student Interaction on Campus

A collage of students at various CAB events throughout the semester. PHOTO COURTESY OF TENZIN TSUENDUE.


The Westminster College Campus Activities Board (CAB) has had difficulties in attracting students to attend events, so this semester the group made an effort to be more proactive in getting students involved.  

CAB has increased its presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and has encouraged students to pitch their own ideas. CAB president Lydia Creech, ’19, stated that they have handed out surveys at their events in order to gauge interest in potential future events. This tactic appears to have been effective. Creech stated, “We’ve gotten a lot of feedback in relation to how our current events are going and what kinds of events we can have in the future.”  

“I want everyone to know that we take every criticism seriously.”  –Lydia Creech, ’19, CAB president.  

The surveys collected at every event are reviewed during CAB’s weekly meeting. “I want everyone to know that we take every criticism seriously,” said Creech.  

In addition to being more active on social media and listening to feedback from the student body, CAB has also marketed their events in JCI and have posted flyers around campus. By advertising in various places and formats, CAB is hoping to attract different crowds of people.  

“I always encourage my chairs by letting them know that if one person comes to an event and has a good time, then it was a successful event,” Creech explained. “We are going to try and provide events that a wide variety of people can go to throughout the year and say that they had fun at an event.”  

More students participating in these events will lead to new relationships being formed within the student body and a healthier environment on campus, Creech said: “We hope that if people are enjoying events and having a good time creating relationships with people and memories at Westminster, then they will want to stay and bring their friends, too.”  

“I always encourage my chairs by letting them know that if one person comes to an event and has a good time, then it was a successful event.”  –Lydia Creech, ’19

Emily Nordsieck, CAB’s creative publicity chair and special events chair, said that her favorite part of the increased student engagement is having the opportunity to get a chance to see and interact with people that she otherwise wouldn’t have. 

Notable events that CAB has orchestrated this semester include archery tag, a mystery bus trip, Tattoo Tuesday, comedy nights, a performance by hypnotist David Hall, and the leadership awards. 

Students who feel that they can contribute to the student life or campus environment at Westminster can pitch ideas to Lydia Creech by email  at 

Students can also like the CAB on Facebook by searching Westminster CAB, following the CAB on twitter (@WestMOCAB), or following on Instagram @ westmocab.

Allison Frisella, ’19, and Tenzin Tsuendue, ’19, contributed to the reporting of this story.

CAB Hosts Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony

One of the hosts of the night, Natalie Corrigan, introduces Westminster alumna Meredith Gibbons. PHOTO COURTESY OF WESTMINSTER CAMPUS ACTIVITIES BOARD.

The Campus Activities Board held its Annual Campus Leadership Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, April 18. Jackie Weber, director of residential and Greek Life, released a comprehensive list of all the winners of the night.  CAB would like to thank everyone who showed support for their campus community.


Alumna Meredith Gibbons gives her experience with life and how she used her resilience to achieve success in her career. PHOTO COURTESY WESTMINSTER CAB

English Cup: Kappa Alpha Theta

Drosten Cup: Phi Delta Theta

Outstanding Student Organization Officer: David Immanuel, for the African Union

Outstanding Program of the Year: International Show, by International Club

Outstanding Philanthropic Program: Dine for Nepal, by Making Lives Better

Outstanding Campus Collaboration: Tattoosday, by CAB, International Club and Chemistry Club

Outstanding Campus Organization: Center for Faith and Service

Winston Churchill Award for Leadership and Service: Erin Perry

Newman Civics Fellow: Maria Andrea Ramos

Project for Peace winner: “Water for life: Collecting Rainwater to Address Potable Water Scarcity in Guatemala,” Ahmed Baqai, Mahfoud Bouad, Juan Manzo, Andrea Ramos

Outstanding Freshman Leader: Barrett Houska

Outstanding Junior Leader: Golly Easterly

Blue Jay Booster, Student: Hannah Macon

Blue Jay Booster, Student/Staff: Coach Kristi Crowley

Outstanding Commitment to Diversity: Khaled Khalili

Outstanding Advisor: Elise Bartley

Outstanding Campus Citizen, Student: Roberta Burns and Erin Perry

Outstanding Campus Citizen, Faculty and staff: Dan Haslag

Living the Mission, Student: Jeremy Hill

Living the Mission, Faculty: Jamie Haskins

Living the Mission, Staff: Steven Patrick

Skulls of Seven Loyalty Award: Dr. Kali Wright-Smith


Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and thank you to all the nominators.







Beta Hosts Fundraiser for Suicide Prevention

Attendees at Beta Theta Pi’s Three Star Gala fundraiser on April 21. PHOTO COURTESY OF BETA THETA PI. 

Beta Theta Pi hosted its first annual Three Star Gala on behalf of CHADS Coalition Friday, April 21. The event was held at Backer Dining Hall. Attendees included faculty and staff, parents, community members, and students of Westminster College and William Woods University.

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Students, Athletic Trainer Not Satisfied with Campus Workout Facilities

 The Hunter Activity Center cardio room is a relatively cramped area containing machines that have been there for a decade or two.  PHOTO BY BRITTANY MORRIS.


While Westminster has plans to build a football stadium, it has yet to improve workout facilities on campus. This means athletes and non-athletes are left to exercise in tight spaces with run-down equipment.

Westminster Head Athletic Trainer Josh Thompson said that most of the equipment is from 1996 but that the treadmills were bought in in 2006.
“I get complaints about the equipment everyday,” he said, adding, “We spend about $700 per year on repairing the equipment.”
Students say they would like to have more updated equipment in spaces that allow for positive social interaction and a better workout atmosphere.

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New Location of IT Help Desk Increases Accessibility, Efficiency

The door of the Help Desk office, now located in JCI, is almost always open during its hours of operation, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. PHOTO BY JIM MALVEN.


Up until the fall of 2016, the Information Technology Office was located on the third floor of the Hazel Wing in Reeves Library. Now, the IT Help Desk, an office that helps the campus with technological issues, is in the center of student traffic in the Johnson College Inn.

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Students Hypnotized at Late-Night CAB Event



Hypnotist David Hall entranced students in front of a large audience inside Coulter Science Center Lecture Hall on Thursday, March 30. The event was hosted by the college’s Campus Activities Board and was one of its most successful of the semester. According to CAB Late-Night Event Chair Kolbi McNutt, ’19, about 150 people attended the show.

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