Student Government Association’s First Meeting of the Semester Addresses Upcoming Semester Goals



Westminster College’s Student Government Association held its first meeting of 2018 on Monday, Jan. 29 to discuss its goals for the year.

After the minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved, the first major order of business was to install three new senators.  These three students, John Burch, ’20, Sam Studer, ’20, and Chandler Casey, ’19, took a short oath at the front of the room as they assumed their new roles as part of SGA.

Isaac Coronel, ’18, addressed a proposal for an a cappella group to form at Westminster. SGA voted unanimously, 15 votes, to create the new musical group.

Semester goals for SGA’s executive members and committees were established at this meeting. Vice President Barret Houska’s goal of increasing SGA presence at home sporting events was addressed by the Spirit Committee. The committee has intentions of increasing school spirit between classes, as well as creating a “spirit week” and creating themes for home games of all sports.

Constitutions and Elections Chair Olivia Molino’s goal of increasing retention on campus will be implemented by pinpointing the overall satisfaction of Westminster students by SGA’s student Retention committee. It was not said how the committee plans to pinpoint satisfaction, but the committee wants to focus on the personal experiences of the committee’s members.

The Faculty and Staff Relations committee has a goal of “brainstorming things that would bring faculty into contact with students outside of class,” according to the head of the committee, Treasurer Maggie Adair.

The Security Committee plans to focus on issues regarding printers in the library as well as on finding a way for students to use Canvas to post concerns.

President Lydia Creech’s goal of increasing domestic diversity, a term coined by President Lamkin, focuses on recruiting more students from multiple states around the U.S. The diversity committee wants to tackle this issue by asking Westminster students to go to their high school alma maters and give presentations about the school.

After the committees’ goals were stated, the Student Government Association adjourned its January.


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