Student Government Association Votes to Create a New Westminster A Cappella Group

Cindy Lamkin (middle), pictured here with President Fletch Lamkin and Lucy Kirby, will be the director of Westminster’s new a cappella group. PHOTO COURTESY OF PAT KIRBY.


Westminster’s Student Government Association voted at its January meeting to approve an a cappella group to form within the next year.

Due to the policy that all new clubs and organizations have to be approved by the majority of SGA for funding purposes, the association discussed whether or not the addition of this new musical group would be a beneficial addition to Westminster.

The new a cappella group is intended to be separate from Westminster’s official choir and would serve as a recreational pastime rather than an organization that would offer scholarship money for students.  Isaac Coronel, ’18, brought to attention that the college has had an all-student a cappella group in years past, but it was disbanded due to lack of success and interest.

Coronel stated that this time would be different as “there will be an official, permanent instructor for the group.”

Coronel reported that between seven and eight students have shown interest in forming the new group, which is enough to create it.

“It is a surprise to learn of the development of a new a cappella group, but I certainly wish them every success.”

The group’s director will be Cindy Lamkin, President Lamkin’s wife and a previous music director of the college. Mrs. Lamkin was succeeded by Dr. Natasia Sexton, associate professor of music and chair of the Communication and Fine Arts department.

When asked about her thoughts on the commencement of a new a cappella group, Dr. Sexton said she was unaware of the development.  She stated in an email, “It is a surprise to learn of the development of a new a cappella group, but I certainly wish them every success.”



  • Gretchen Huedepohl

    I have served as accompanist for many terrific choir directors throughout my life. Dr. Sexton is by far the best I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with, producing a choir whose sound rivals those of much larger schools who offer a music major. Even as someone who holds a music degree and as a fellow choir director, I personally learn from her during every rehearsal and every private voice lesson she conducts. Working with her makes me a better musician and, more importantly, a better person! Her scholarship is exemplary. Her passion to share not only a fine musical product but music and texts that makes a difference in the lives of those who hear it is unmatched. She indeed is a servant whose impact reaches far beyond the walls of Westminster and mid-MO.


  • Actually, James Hutchings succeeded Cindy McClain (Lamkin) in 2008. Dr. Sexton succeeded Professor Hutchings in 2009 and has done a fabulous job as a choir director, teacher, campus servant, and scholar, ever since. Dr. Sexton has provided stability in the position we hadn’t had before.


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