‘Tis the Season to Find a Career



December is  National Career Development Month, and the Center for Career Development  would like to share its online career resources for students who are deciding on majors or looking for jobs and internships.

Under the Career Services tab on MyWC, students can take assessments, explore national job postings, and search for global opportunities.

The first link on the Career Services page will take students to “Focus 2” for students seeking personalized career assistance.  This resource contains assessments of work interest, values, personality, skills and leisure. Following these assessments, students can find potential careers based on their results and academic majors. Focus 2 allows students to combine the results from all five assessments and see which jobs populate, or find jobs based on each individual assessment.

After exploring potential career options, students can then search “Columns CareerLink” for job and internship openings. Students will have access to job postings and also to interview schedules of certain employers. To prepare for job and internship applications, Columns CareerLink has a tab which shows events and workshops held by the Center for Career Development. Some of these events include the Career Fair and resume workshops.

For students who want to explore opportunities in other countries, the “Going Global” link features 33 Country Career Guides, 43 USA City Career Guides and corporate profiles. Students can browse through 600,000 jobs and internships and find suitable careers in the country of their choice.

For international students wishing to find work, Going Global provides an HB1 Plus database with visa application listings. Here, students can find American employers that are looking to hire international students. In addition to finding job salaries, positions, and locations, international students can identify which employers have previously hired students with their skillset.

In addition to these online resources,  the Center for Career Development offers individual job counseling. Students can schedule a one-on-one appointment by emailing CareerSrv@westminster-mo.edu. Cindy Quick is available to discuss internship and job opportunities, while Meg Langland can assist students with planning and deciding on a suitable field.

Happy National Career Development Month!



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