Does Westminster Have a Student Participation Problem?



Throughout the Westminster community, there have been concerns from students about attendance being too low at campus activities.

Tenzin Tsundue, president of International Club said, “There are three types of students on campus: those who don’t care about events, those who aren’t interested in coming to events and those who don’t know about the events.”

As a club president, Tsundue said the wants to focus on those students who normally are not informed about campus activities. The process of informing students would happen by advertising and posting on social media, he said.

On the other hand, Interim Vice President and Dean of Student Life Dan Haslag said he believes that the college is “heading in a positive direction as it pertains to students engaging in campus events and activities.”

According to Haslag, certain events, including Archery Tag, Mystery Bus trips, comedians and intramural games have been well-attended.

Athletic Department Manager Julie White said that she believes that student attendance has increased ever since she has worked at Westminster.

“For the basketball teams, we were reaching almost 100 students at each game towards the end of the season and in our home openers for baseball, softball and both of our lacrosse teams, we had great crowds,” she said.

White is helping the student body create promotions and events for athletics, like Blue Crew, a recently revived campus spirit organization. Last month, a group of students restarted Blue Crew in hopes of increasing student participation and enthusiasm. The club’s members frequently attend home sporting events and look to become more involved next semester.

Blue Crew Co-Founder Lydia Creech, ’19, said that at least one factor factor in improved student attendance has been administrators “tirelessly working” to increase attendance with the use of a new app and updated technology.

According to an email from Vice President and Chief Communications Officer Lana Poole, there will be two 50-minute informational sessions about these platforms, including a site called MyWC Now, on Thursday, April 27, at 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. in Hermann Lounge. The message says that students, faculty and staff are welcome and that a light lunch will be served at both sessions.

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