African Formal Celebrates the ‘Essentials of Africa’



This year’s African Formal’s theme was “Made in Africa.” The event took place last Saturday at 6 p.m in Backer Dining Hall. The two previous African Formals before had the theme of bringing all students together and sharing their cultures. However, according to African Union Organization President David Immanuel, ’17, whose group sponsored the event, “It was time that we showed the essentials of Africa”

To welcome their guests, African Union Organization members gave gifts to those who came as guests to make them feel welcomed on Westminster’s campus.

The event started out with a promotional video of the formal, followed by an opening speech from Vice President and Dean of Faculty Dr. Carolyn Perry.

“When we first received students that were from different countries it was Ghana,” Perry said. “Now we have students from all over the world.”

Following the opening speech, Ravina Kate, ’19, performed an Indian dance, and Fresh Ideas served dinner. Food options included grilled chicken, red rice, African beans, plantains and chakalaka.

Kidd Sutherlin, ‘18, said he “really liked” the chicken, saying, “It was delicious.”

While guests waited to be seated, junior Abdullah Manzin Mahdi performed magic tricks to keep them entertained.

Seniors were then recognized for certain characteristics, announced by Immanuel and Adesola Adeyemo, ‘17.

A band performance was given by students Ayush Manandhar, ’17; Becca Cameron, ’17; Benni Tchomba, ’21; Destiney Speech, ’19; Shahil Shrestha, ’17; and Kwame O’dame, ’17, the song’s composer. O’dame said that the song, titled “I’m coming home,” was inspired by his emotions of feeling homesick. Speech, the lead vocalist kicked off the song with a smooth beginning and bringing in everyone else into an up tempo beat. The spectators rose to their feet, as they clapped along to the melody.

Immanuel closed the ceremony out with a speech, followed by an African dance by Adeyemo, Cameron, Chansa Kateule, ’17, and Mercy Taban, ‘19.

Sophomore Naima Caydiid, an usher at the event, said, “The event was successful, and it was beautifully decorated, and the food was great.”

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