8 New Members Initiated into National Society of Campus Leaders

From left to right: past initiates Ella Leslie and Roberta Burns; new initiates Zachary Evers, Eva Ottinger, Olivia Wilson, Manfredo Flores, Jordan Esry, Celeste Cummings and Madison Rybak; adviser Dr. John Langton; new initiate Golly Easterly; adviser Dr. Kali Wright Smith; and past initiate Erin Perry. PHOTO BY MAUREEN TUTHILL.


The Westminster Alpha Tau Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national society of campus leaders, inducted eight new members on April 13.  They are sophomores Celeste Cummings, Zachary Evers, Madison Rybak and Olivia Wilson, and juniors Golly Easterly, Jordan Esry, Manfredo Flores and Eva Ottinger.

Current ODK members who attended the initiation included seniors Ella Leslie, Erin Perry and Roberta Burns.

In an email announcing the initiation, Alpha Tau Circle faculty adviser, Dr. John Langton, said: “The goal of an ODK circle is to bring together student and faculty leaders from all part of a college or university to help advance the general good of the institution. Our goal this year and next is to further dialogue about various campus issues.”

ODK was founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University. The Westminster ODK circle was established in 1935.

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