Students Hypnotized at Late-Night CAB Event



Hypnotist David Hall entranced students in front of a large audience inside Coulter Science Center Lecture Hall on Thursday, March 30. The event was hosted by the college’s Campus Activities Board and was one of its most successful of the semester. According to CAB Late-Night Event Chair Kolbi McNutt, ’19, about 150 people attended the show.

Hall, coming from Boston, began the show by introducing himself and the “game” that he would play with spectators. In this segment, called “Cards Against Hypnosis,” audience members selected topics for the students being hypnotized. Hall randomly chose 20 students who were ready and willing to be hypnotized.

He explained that hypnosis is a natural state of mind; while under, participants lose the power of voluntary action and become highly responsive to suggestions and directions. After waking up, however, the hypnotized feel as if they have gotten a full night’s rest, he said.

First-year student Lucy Krejci, who had reportedly been hypnotized before, was one of many students to participate. While hypnotized, Krecji believed her friend was the cutest animal that she had ever seen, she said.

“I was aware the whole time, but I wasn’t making any decisions,” she stated. “I was just doing what I was told, because that was my sole purpose at the moment.”

Khaled Khalili, ’19, was also hypnotized by Hall. Khalili said that he had wanted to be hypnotized before even getting to the event but that he left feeling awkward about the experience.

“After the fact, my friends did share with me what happened, and I had quite a clear memory of what happened, but as much as I enjoyed it, I did feel embarrassed for some of the things I did,” he said.

He said  that  he would choose to remain in the audience next time.

This event seemed to get more response than previous events. CAB members handed out a written survey to the audience to get their input on how this event ranked compared to others.  Approximately 75 student-respondents, or roughly half of those who attended, indicated that the event was very exciting.

One of the survey questions asked for suggestions on other possible events, such as a concert or magician. CAB members were hoping to use this survey to get more people to attend late night CAB events.

Cooper Smith, ’18, who said he had attended only a few CAB events prior to this one, ranked the hypnotism as an event that he would attend again. He said that he enjoyed watching his friends get hypnotized and that he “couldn’t even believe it was real.”

Kreji said this event has been the best one she’s attended on campus so far, despite not even watching it.

McNutt added, “People enjoying and wanting to come to events is what makes all the work that we put into CAB worth it.

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