Students Buckle Down in Final Month of School Year


Two weeks after Spring Break, students and professors are gearing up to finish out the semester. With three weeks left of school until finals, many students are trying to bring up their grades to pass their classes.

Students went on vacation, went home or stayed on campus for Spring Break, but no matter how they spent that week, they say that coming back afterwards is always dreadful, yet motivating.

Paul Sanderson, visiting instructor of mathematics, is teaching three different classes this semester.

When asked about returning from Spring Break he said: “After coming back from break, it’s kind of like putting down a book for a while. You have to go back a few pages to remember where you left off. That’s how I teach my classes so everyone remembers where we left off at, and it takes a little while to get back up to speed.”

The span between Spring Break and the end of the semester can be the toughest, some say, because the weather is nicer outside, and the only thing to look forward to is Greek formals and Alumni Weekend.

As for seniors, they are trying to make it to graduation. This is the last time for students to get grades up before finals. With Commencement coming up on May 13, seniors are figuring out places to work, and applying for jobs, some are applying for graduate school or getting lined up just for a summer job.

Senior Allison Moulton said that the time between Spring Break and graduation feels like “a crawl” but that she is “super excited.”

“I have a summer job lined up at a retail store then I start nursing school in the fall,” she said.

However, some graduating seniors, like Kristen Alley have not yet secured any form of employment for the summer.

“The stress of finding a job is becoming real,” she said.

Meanwhile, others are most focused completing the remaining month of the semester.

“I am just trying to make it to graduation now that Spring Break is over,” Haley Short said.

As for returning students, this time of the semester entails signing up for classes for summer and fall, and making sure they are on schedule to graduate in coming years.

Kodi Gehlert, a junior said: “I am sad summer is approaching, because this year has been really fun and it’s gone by way too fast. I will miss all of my friends that are graduating. I plan to work this summer and get more organized for school. I am already excited to return for the fall even though I am anxious about starting my senior year.”

Westminster is offering courses in May, June and July, so they can either get ahead or take a class that was not offered this year.


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