Drs. Kenney-Hunt, Wright-Smith Become Tenured

Dr. Jane Kenney-Hunt (left) and Dr. Kali Wright-Smith (right) are approved for tenure. PHOTOS BY ROBERTA BURNS.


The Board of Trustees unanimously granted tenure to two faculty members last weekend,  Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Jane Kenney-Hunt and Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Kali Wright-Smith.

According to Senior Vice President and Dean of Faculty Dr. Carolyn Perry, the purpose behind tenure is to support faculty to continue their research projects at Westminster and to show that the administration values professors’ hard work.

“It is a way of recognizing the outstanding work of the faculty and encouraging them to continue on,” she stated.

While tenure signals the college’s strong support of the faculty, it does not guarantee professors’ complete, lifelong job security, Perry said.

“Faculty are held to high standards, and their jobs depend on living up to those standards,” she said.  “Intensive faculty reviews take place every year, as faculty evaluate each other and make recommendations to the dean and president regarding not only tenure and promotion, but also developmental plans for those faculty needing improvement.”

“[Tenure] is a way of recognizing the outstanding work of the faculty and encouraging them to continue on” -Dr. Carolyn Perry, Westminster senior vice president and dean of faculty

Kenney-Hunt, on being tenured said that she is “excited to continue to be a part of this community and help our students achieve their dreams.”

Wright-Smith commented, “I’m looking forward to being involved with another honors class, seminar, study abroad course or anything that lets me work with students and give them more learning opportunities.”
Additional reporting contributed by Jim Malven.

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