Spirit Committee Looks to Increase Game Attendance, Heighten Student Enthusiasm for Athletics



In a Student Government Association Meeting on Jan. 24, SGA Vice President and Spirit Committee Head Lydia Creech made a point about increasing spirit at Westminster athletic events.

Student athletes such as Blue Jays wide receiver Kidd Sutherlin, ’19, have said that game attendance has been very low recently and that students have been outnumbered by local residents and players’ parents. During the meeting, Creech presented a series of potential methods to increase game attendance and boost overall school spirit.

First, she said that a group of people – she is not yet sure who – could offer students rides to baseball, football, lacrosse or softball games in golf carts that would be stationed in the parking lot next to Mueller Leadership Hall. This would significantly decrease the amount of walking for students without cars who live in the Quad, Triangle, fraternity houses or apartments. It could also create more awareness of the events, as students on Hickman Avenue or Seventh Street or those walking to the dining hall or bookstore would see the golf carts going to and from the fields.

Second, Creech said that she plans to bring back Blue Crew, a group of about six students that used to go to all sporting events dressed entirely in blue and “really show WestMO spirit.”

Members of the Spirit Committee are hoping to partner with another group on campus that works with the coaches and head of the sports.

“A meeting will be set up soon,” Creech said.

Third, Creech suggested having more positive tailgating, in which students, clubs and Greek organizations would set up tables and interact with fans before games.

Fourth, she said that sporting events could include halftime games with prizes awarded to all participants.

Celeste Cummings, ’19, said that she thinks this is a good strategy.

“Honestly, I love the idea of going to a game with my friends and participating in half-time games,” she said.

Sutherlin said that attending games is a good way to enhance one’s college experience and create lasting memories.


One comment

  • The athletics department has been doing fan participation contests and promotional events at games for almost three years now, at nearly every home football and basketball game and at additional sports on campus!!! Come out and support us this spring!


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