Board of Trustees Meeting this Weekend


Westminster’s Board of Trustees members. PHOTO COURTESY OF WESTMINSTER COLLEGE.


The Board of Trustees is having its first meeting of the year this weekend. Friday will be a plenary session where the board members will announce their plans for fundraising, and Saturday will be the regular session where the main topic of discussion will be how the board can best  support President Akande. Both meetings will take place in the campus’s Backer Dining Hall.

Board of Trustees Chairman Hal Oakley, a 1990 Westminster graduate, said, “The board’s singular purpose is to try and support President Akande’s initiatives.”

The trustees’ two main goals for the meeting will be to determine ways to increase fundraising and to increase student enrollment. Oakley said that board members will be considering “aggressive” approaches for both objectives.

While the board as a whole is focused on Westminster, sub-groups focus on specific projects around campus, such as the National Churchill Museum. Last year, the museum started a partnership with the International Churchill Society, another national organization focused on Winston Churchill and his legacy. However, while the Churchill Museum is focused in other areas, the board’s goal is still the same in this area as it is overall, helping to try and ensure Westminster’s future.

The Board of Trustees will be considering “aggressive” approaches to fundraising and enrollment.

As far as how the Board of Trustees affects the student body as a whole, former Student Government Association President Zach Stafford said that they treated the student body as well as they could during his tenure as a student member of the Board last year.

“The student body was always well taken of,” Stafford said. “[The board members] do a really good job to make sure that the students are taken into account.”

Because of the meetings, the Dining Hall will be closed to students starting 10 a.m. Friday and remain closed until 11 a.m Saturday. On Friday, students on a school meal plan will be able to eat lunch and dinner in the Mueller Student Center during regular meal times. The Johnson College Inn (J.C.I.) will be open for breakfast on Friday.




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