Blue Blazers Investment Committee: Investing in Westminster’s Future




The Blue Blazers Investment Committee serves a critical function by managing a substantial endowment for Westminster College. The club has big plans for this year. The new executive team has been working in conjunction with some of the former officers to create a plan of action for their upcoming investments.

Former CEO Percy Vanacht commented on some of his final decisions made as the CEO of Blue Blazers.

“Through the last months of the fiscal year of 2016, we have taken actions to better position ourselves in the market space,” Vanacht said. “To do so, we have closed some unfavorable positions within our portfolio to decrease exposure towards downside catalysts. Uncertainty within the market environment also had an impact on the investment decisions we have made.”

Current CEO Yunus Yenikalayci said: “Building off the assets accumulated from 2016, we are excited for opportunities to position ourselves for long-term success.  It has been a learning experience working with [financial adviser] Brock Ayers [’82]. I am excited to be able to utilize the conceptual framework that I have been developing at Westminster College. We had a lot of cash on hand at the start of the year; thus, we have been looking for new opportunities.”

The new CEO’s positive projection for 2017 is a strong indicator of his confidence in the new executive team as well as the current financial state of the portfolio. Members of the organization are hopeful that the success of the portfolio in 2016 will allow the club to better its position and build off the success from the previous year.

Chief Financial Officer Sam McHaney has identified some industries of interest that the members of Blue Blazers have been closely examining and commented on the current financial status of the portfolio.

“We will be well positioned for long term gains in several sectors that we foresee to experience significant growth in the coming years,” McHaney said. “We are bullish on certain FinTech [financial technology] companies. Technology is already heavily impacting the financial industry, and we predict significant growth in the coming years for FinTech equities. We have been working hard to asses and minimize risky assets, and the portfolio has already benefited in many ways.”

The members of Blue Blazers have been hard at work this year, examining market trends, buying and selling stocks all while searching diligently for new members who will propel the club from success to significance. Be on the lookout for the next story to hear more about these exciting developments.



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