Transition Between Recycling Companies Creates Questions

Like that of other Fulton businesses, Phi Delta Theta’s recycling has not been collected by a local recycling since the beginning of the year. PHOTO BY STEVEN TUTHILL.


Before the start of this semester, Kingdom Projects announced that it would no longer be picking up recycling for the City of Fulton. Their services ended on Dec. 31 and have since been taken over by a new company named the Callaway Recycling Center. Although the company is still in transition from Kingdom Projects, the change is expected to be permanent. Residents of Fulton can still have their recycling bins picked up, and this includes Westminster College.

Problems that have arisen because of this change have included having no place to take recycling after it is collected. Currently, the recycling in Fulton is being taken to Jefferson City, but this is supposed to be a temporary solution. In addition, the recycling of local businesses is no longer being picked up, forcing businesses to handle it themselves.

Zac Norton, ‘16, observed that, “As of today, the giant recycling bin by Plant Ops is not currently there.”

However, according to Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of Events, Scheduling, Camps and Conferences Diane Hammerstone, whose office is located in Plant Operations, this recycling bin will be coming back sometime soon.

Hammerstone also discussed some changes in what Fulton residents can and cannot recycle. While they still will be unable to recycle glass with the new company, they will be provided an extra bin for cardboard if it is separated out.

“If not, then they will take care of it,” she said.

One comment

  • That would be a hard thing to transition between recycling companies. I’m sure that every company has its own little bit of different standards that you have to learn to adapt with. But recycling makes you feel so good knowing that you’re not adding onto the major waste of the world!


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