Performing Arts Club Sponsors Student-Written One Act Plays


Truth and Bacon.jpeg

Students act out “Truth and Bacon,” written by Isaac Coronel, ’17, and directed by Maeba Jonas. PHOTO COURTESY OF NATE LEONARD.


One-act plays written by Westminster students were brought to life by the Performing Arts Club this past Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The One-Acts offer our students an opportunity to explore theatrical production from a variety of different angles,” Dr. Nate Leonard, professor of English and adviser of Performing Arts Club, said. “Westminster students are encouraged to take on the role of playwright, director, stage manager or actor in an environment where they can learn while doing.”

This is the second year that the club has allowed students to submit plays they wrote themselves to be performed.

Reese Leech, ’17, had two plays she wrote performed this year and one last year.

“To know that so many people believed in your vision, believed enough to spend time and tears and hard work, is more than can be properly described,” Leech said.

Students work over the summer to write plays, then submit them during the first weeks of the fall semester. After that they go through a revision process with the help of Leonard.

Once the plays are revised, directors are chosen. This year Chaplain Resident Maeba Jonas and seniors Isaac Coronel and Roni Lake each directed a play.

“My goal is to always fulfill the dreams of the writer, while adding my style for the final product,” Coronel said. “While it is a challenging skill, it is an exciting, necessary one.”

Directors watch students try out and then pick their cast. After that, the cast starts rehearsing until the show opens for the campus in mid-November.

“I was so happy with this experience, especially since it was my first one outside of my hometown,” Annabelle Ginter, ’20, who was an actor in one of the plays this year, said. “I love acting, and getting to put on a show written by someone I am friends with, is so amazing to me. I just hope I did a good job of putting (the writer’s) vision on stage. I had a blast doing it.”

Leonard said that he was proud of the work the students put into the production.

“The cast and crew have been impressively dedicated and have really demonstrated their professionalism and talent,” he said.

The Performing Arts Club will be sponsoring student written one-acts again next fall. Everyone is welcome to submit a script.


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