SGA Approves New Trivia Club



Trivia Club became the newest club on campus after it was officially approved at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting. The club intends on holding trivia competitions between Westminster groups, as well as competing with other schools.

“Trivia Club is wanting to prepare students to compete in national trivia-based competitions and have fun while doing it,” said club creator Jarod McKee, ’20.

Faculty adviser Neil Hunt said he has been interested in supporting a trivia club since he arrived at Westminster five years ago.

“It’s an activity that is enjoyed by a lot of students at the high school level, and I think many would enjoy having the opportunity to continue at the college level,” Hunt said, noting that the small liberal arts college he attended had an annual tournament that fraternities, sororities and other campus organizations participated in.

In hopes of getting something similar started at Westminster, Hunt approached McKee with the idea for the club during a Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) day last summer. McKee has spent the semester finding people who were interested and going through the steps required to create a club.

The club intends to host a tournament between campus organizations in the spring to gain awareness and interest.

“There are also some opportunities to compete against other colleges and universities,” Hunt said, adding that it will take some work to be able to host inter-collegiate competitions. “We’re hoping to be able to purchase a competition-level buzzer system that would help us put on a tournament here.”

The club currently has eight members and will start having regular meetings as soon as they purchase a regulation buzzer system.

Students who would like to create their own club must first pick up a form from the Office of Student Involvement, located on the bottom floor of JCI by the mailboxes. Then, they need to find at least four students interested in joining and a faculty member willing to become the group’s faculty adviser. Students are required to draft a constitution and submit it and the form to the Office of Student Involvement. Finally, they need to contact the SGA secretary to have the club’s approval proposal put on SGA’s agenda.

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