Spring Classes You May Not Know About




As you start to enroll for spring semester classes, you may find yourself with a gap in your schedule and wondering what you should take. Whether you are looking to fulfill a tier requirement or just take a fun class, here are a few options that you may not know about.

FAR 310: The Art of Service

In this class, students will explore how art and other creative methods have been used to spark a positive change, respond to an injustice or disaster and heal communities. Students will create their own piece that relates to Westminster in some way. There is no prior art or performance experience required.

“The course has been on the books for a while, but this is the first time we’re able to move forward with it,” said Professor Sara Leonard, who is teaching the class in the spring. “I think it’s going to be a meaningful contribution to the ways that students can engage with the arts and creativity.”

This class counts as a Tier III course.

Prerequisites: MUS 105, MUS 205, THA 201, ENG/FAR 230, ART 230, ART 231 or instructor permission.

HIS 327 A: Nazi Germany

This class focuses on the history of the Nazis and what it was like to live in a totalitarian society. Students will learn how Hitler came into power and what the consequences of his rule were.

Dr. Sam Goodfellow, who is teaching the class in the spring, said, “I first got interested when I was an undergraduate studying in Germany, and I interviewed Germans about their experiences during the Nazi era.”

Prerequisites: HIS 106 or instructor permission.

ENG 220: Janus

The Janus class explores copy editing, writing books and article proposals, submitting book reviews and promoting published material. Students will also participate in editing, designing and producing Westminster’s yearly literary magazine, Janus.

“We will also have a chance to practice writing in genres relevant to literary journals – the book review, the author interview, the literary blog post, for example. We may even work to create some online content to accompany the print journal,” Dr. Brandon Kreig, the professor for the upcoming class, said.

Prerequisites: ENG 103 and ENG 275

ITY 250 A: Web Page Design

This class teaches students how to use web page technologies to present different kinds of information. It will focus on Human Computer Interaction concepts, such as content organization, use of color, accessibility and trust.

This class has a $50 lab fee.

MUS 101, 201, 301: Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered for credit in piano, guitar and voice, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

This class has a $250 fee.

PED A42: Fencing

This class teaches students the history and basic skills of fencing. Students have the opportunity to participate in drills and tournaments.

Meghan Todd, ’18, who is currently enrolled in the course said, “Fencing is fun because it’s not something that a lot of people do, so whenever I tell my family I’m taking a fencing class, they think it’s really interesting. And I can go to Walmart with my friends and fence with the lightsabers in the toy section.”

This class counts for the Physical Education requirement.

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