Volleyball Junior Finds Fulfilling Work with Special Olympics



For the past two years, Natalie Corrigan, ‘18, has been helping coach the Special Olympics volleyball team in Jefferson City, Missouri.



Corrigan met the head coach of the Jefferson City program at a special needs bowling event put on by Westminster athletes her freshman year and has been a part of the program ever since.

Her interest in helping children with special needs started because of her mom.

“My mom teaches special needs religious education, so I’ve been around (people with) special needs my whole life, and I’m very comfortable in that kind of environment,” she said.

The season starts in November, with practice one or two days a week, in preparation for an area tournament in March and the State games in May. But for Corrigan, the biggest joy comes in the relationships that are built with the athletes.

“My favorite part about the job is the relationships between the coaches and the players,” she said. “Everyone is like one family and when it comes time to compete, spending an entire weekend together as a team is really special.”

Her work with Special Olympics has shaped her future career path as well.

“When I started working with Special Olympics, I was pre-med,” Corrigan said. “I ended up switching my major to focus on non-profit organizations because of the passion I have for them and because I find the work so fulfilling.”

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