Brick District Businesses Entice Students with Free Food, Prizes at Third Annual Brick Blast


Representatives from local businesses lined Court Street to give out free samples to Westminster and William Woods students at the third annual Brick Blast on Tuesday.

During the event, which was rescheduled from Sept. 8 due to rain, Beks handed out artichoke dip, the Post Office offered wings, Brooklyn Pizza had free slices of pizza and Fontenot’s gave samples of jambalaya.

Members of the Brick District Board plan the event every year in hopes of connecting students with community businesses.

“The Brick Blast offers us an opportunity to welcome the students and wish them a successful year,” Board Member Debbie LaRue said. “Merchants in the Brick District truly believe we can play a valuable role in our Westminster College and William Woods University students having a good experience while attending college here in Fulton. We encourage them to visit often when they need a break or to reward themselves after studying for hours or completing a project.”

Many students said they appreciate the District’s outreach.

“It was an awesome, genuine welcome coming from a transfer student,” said Cristian Hurtado, ’19, who came to Westminster from Rock Valley Community College this year. “It felt close-knit and was a lot of fun.”

Similar to years past, there was a scavenger hunt that gave students clues about businesses in the area; students had to guess which business matched the clues and visit the business to receive a signature from an employee. Some of the clues included “Best place to get your Greek on, keep your drink cold or just get personal” (Center Court) and “Where can you find a large selection of Made in Missouri dips, soup mixes or a Sweet Shop truffle?” (Smockingbird’s).

Students who completed the scavenger hunt received a free T-shirt with the names of all the participating businesses on the back.

“(Brick Blast) was a great experience because now whenever I go into the businesses downtown, they know who I am,” first-year Westminster student Laney Stark said.

Brick District businesses continue to try to stay close to Fulton’s college population by offering student discounts. Participating businesses have an identifying sticker in their window.

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