Janus Staff Celebrates Release of Its Annual Magazine

Janus 2016

Copies of Janus can be found in many places around campus, including Reeve’s Library. PHOTO BY JIM MALVEN.


The staff of Westminster’s literary magazine, Janus, hosted a party for the release of its 2016 edition on Thursday. The magazine features 65 pieces of poetry, prose and graphics from 29 different student contributors.

Several contributors presented their submissions during the release party.

Dr. Andrew Mulvania, visiting professor of English, was the faculty sponsor for Janus this year.

“I was the faculty adviser for the literary journal at the college where I previously taught, so this wasn’t the first time I had overseen the publication of the campus literary magazine,” Mulvania said. There were some new challenges with Janus, but I was fairly familiar with the whole process.”

In previous years, the Janus staff  had seven different editor positions that compiled the magazine in a series of stages. However, this year only four students were enrolled in the class.

“We initially divided into these groups but soon realized we had so few students in class that we were all going to have to contribute equally to each editor’s position to make it work,” Janus staff member Luke Gerau, ’18, explained.

The Janus staff sent out a call for submissions in January and then narrowed down the submissions to the 65 that were printed in the magazine.

“We tried to have a set number of pieces for each category because of pricing with the print and number of pages we could have in the magazine, but we took all the pieces we loved, and a few we liked,” Gerau added.

The Janus class designed the magazine’s layout and cover.

“We then had to establish an order for the submissions so that the whole journal told a story from submission to submission,” Mulvania said.

Gerau commented, “This course proved very difficult, but it has to be the most rewarding class I’ve taken.”

Students can find copies of this year’s edition of Janus on tables at various campus locations, including Reeve’s Library and the Hazel Wing, JCI, the Wellness Center and Backer Dining Hall.

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