ATM to Remain in JCI


Westminster’s lone ATM is located in JCI. PHOTO BY JIM MALVEN.


Despite rumors of the ATM in JCI facing possible removal from campus, The Columns was told the money machine is here to stay.

An announcement was made at an SGA meeting on March 24 that the ATM on campus may be removed. The reason? SGA said that not enough transactions were being processed. On April 11, SGA sent a survey to the student body about its use of the ATM. One question was, “Given that the nearby Break Time has an ATM available, to what degree of inconvenience would it cause if we did not have an ATM?”

However, The Columns received confirmation from Dan Haslag, interim vice president and dean of student life at Westminster, and Debbie LaRue, vice president of public relations at Callaway Bank, that there are no plans at this time to remove the ATM on campus.

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