Fire Truck Towed at Intersection of West Seventh Street and Westminster Avenue

Fire Truck



The Columns spoke with the Fulton Fire Department to learn what happened.

Crews rushed to the intersection of West Seventh Street and Westminster Avenue around 12 p.m. on Thursday, April 7 to tow a stalled fire truck. According to Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Coffelt, the vehicle stopped running due to a failed transmission.

Coffelt said that the fire truck had had a variety of issues in the past, adding that mechanical problems are quite typical of most fire trucks.

Russ Towing and Recovery hauled the vehicle to Inland Truck Parts and Service in Columbia to be repaired. However, employees at Inland are still searching for a new transmission, and neither they nor the Fulton Fire Department know when the repair will be complete.

Coffelt said that residents should not be worried about having one fewer fire truck in the department, explaining, “That is why we have backup trucks.”

Including the towed fire truck, the Fulton Fire Department has five pumper trucks and one aerial truck.

Fulton taxpayers pay for the towing and repair of their town’s fire trucks.

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