Swing Like a Champ! Yoga Moves to Improve Your Golf Game


As golf season begins, more and more students go to the nearby golf course to start playing. To some outsiders, golf may appear as a leisure activity. However, executing the perfect swing requires lots of training.

All that practice can lead to strained muscles, especially in the back. According to CBS golf channel, the most common injury among golfers is back pain. The rotational force of swinging stresses the lower back and the muscles around the spine.

Here are a few yoga moves from Breaking Muscle that can help strengthen your lower back, prevent injury and improve your game.

The Sphinx:
Lie down on your stomach. Align your elbows under your shoulders, and prop yourself up on your forearms. Firmly press the pubic bone forward until there is a slight sensation in your lower back. Breathe steadily and hold one to three minutes.


Legs Up the Wall:
Lying on your back, directly press your hip against the wall and swing your feet against the wall. The legs should be straightened and should relax the muscles of the lower back. Hold for five to 10 minutes.

legs up the wall

Two-Knee Twist:
Lying on your back, bend your knees to your chest and spread your arms wide across the floor in a T shape. Lower your knees to the ground on your left side, as you exhale, while keeping your shoulders pressing firmly down. After holding for two minutes, switch to the right side.

two knee twist

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