Garry Kasparov Gives Winston Churchill Day Lecture


Garry Kasparov, Russian chess Grandmaster and presidential candidate.


Westminster students, faculty and staff, as well as outside guests, came together to celebrate Winston Churchill Day, the day Churchill became an honorary citizen of the United States in 1963, at a lecture given by Russian Presidential Candidate Garry Kasparov on Saturday.

Kasparov’s lecture, “The Courage to Continue,” discussed his views on significant world issues involving the Soviet Union, and he shared his thoughts on democracy and government.

“I thought it was interesting to get an analysis of post-Soviet Russian relations from someone who lived in the USSR,” Adlai Erwin, ’18, said after the lecture.

During his lecture, Kasparov related his experience in politics to his role as the former world chess champion. In 1985, he became the youngest world chess champion, a title he held onto for 20 years, until he retired from competitive chess to join the vanguard of the Russian pro-democracy movement.

“My outspoken nature did not endear me to the soviet authorities when I started to attract more fame from chess,” Kasparov said. “This gave me an early taste of opposition politics.”



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