What Westminster Students Think About ‘The Bachelor’





One man, Ben Higgins, and 25 love interests have come together in a dramatic season of “The Bachelor” that has fans across the country asking the biggest question of all: Who will he propose to? After weeks of patiently waiting, crying, screaming and laughing, viewers will finally get an answer tonight during this season’s last episode of the reality TV show.

“The Bachelor,” which features one single man is looking for the love of his life — and more than two dozen women competing for a shot at a marriage proposal — is a show that many people love to hate. It has been called voyeuristic, chauvinistic and more. Yet, for all its criticism, millions of people watch “The Bachelor,” and ABC has renewed the program for its 21st season.

So, what do students think of the show?

To find out, The Columns surveyed the campus. Of 93 respondents, 75 percent said they do not watch the show, and 25 percent said they do watch it.

For those who do watch “The Bachelor,” what draws them to it? Could it be the drama, the excitement or the love stories? As a viewer of the show myself, I wonder if everything is portrayed exactly as it happened in real time or if we as the audience see only the edited together bits and pieces of the real story?

Some students on campus shared their views on the show, including why they find it so compelling and who they think Ben will propose to in the final episode.

“I like all of the fun dates they get to go on, and I like the show because I am a hopeless romantic,” Maya Sosa, ’16, said.

Leah Norvell, ’16, says she does not know exactly why she watches the show.

“It’s just addicting,” she said.

Each episode includes a ceremony in which the bachelor presents a rose to each woman he wants to continue dating, while those not chosen go home empty-handed. With only two women remaining, students are split down the middle regarding who they think will receive the “final rose” and marriage proposal. Fifty percent of those surveyed said that contestant Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher would get the last rose, and 50 percent said Lauren Bushnell, known as “Lauren B,” would end up with the final rose.

Whether people watch for the laughs, the drama or the addiction, the final episode of “The Bachelor” with Ben, JoJo and Lauren B. will end tonight.

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