Five Students are Inducted into National Hispanic Honor Society


Sigma Delta Pi

The new members of Sigma Delta Pi from left to right: Anthony Bhasme, ’15, Adam Brake, ’16, Matthew McCormack, ’16, Abigail Bax, ’17, and Maya Sosa, ’16.



The clock was 5:55 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 19 as five students lined up one by one in the hallway facing Hermann Lounge in anticipation of becoming members of the National Hispanic Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi.

Suddenly, at 6 p.m., the doors to Hermann Lounge opened, and the line of students began to enter the dark room with anxiousness. A few candles were all that lit the room.

The initiation into Sigma Delta Pi brought inspiration to those being inducted (Anthony Bhasme, ’15, Adam Brake, ’16, Matthew McCormack, ’16, Abigail Bax, ’17, and Maya Sosa, ’16). As the majority of newly-initiated members are graduating in May as Spanish majors, they felt accomplished to be rewarded for their years of studying Hispanic culture and language in college.

Sigma Delta Pi is a nationally recognized organization that displays the quality of work and accomplishments of students and faculty in Spanish departments across the country.

Westminster has been initiating students into its Psi Psi chapter of Sigma Delta Pi since 2010.

Dr. Enrique Salas-Durazo, Psi Psi’s advisor, became a member of the National Hispanic Honor Society as a student in college, and he wants to use his own experiences within Sigma Delta Pi to benefit the society at Westminster.

“I want to continue this tradition and share my experiences with the students,” Salas-Durazo said. “Having that here is something important,” he continued, adding that members can benefit from the study abroad scholarships that the organization offers.

After the 30-minute private ceremony, a reception followed where the newly initiated members ate tortilla Española, a Hispanic dish, cake and bread with dip.  The members also enjoyed sangria, a non-alcoholic Hispanic drink.

To learn more about Sigma Delta Pi, including the membership requirements, visit



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