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New Advice Column: Weekly Thoughts with Westminster Wendy

You may not know who I am, but I know many of you.  I see and experience all the ups and downs of college right alongside you. Do you have questions, want advice or are unsure where to turn?  I am your outlet.

Let me hear your thoughts, concerns and questions. I will give you my best advice and insight to help you through this crazy ride we call college. Do not hesitate to ask about sports, academics, relationships or anything else you find yourself running into on our small campus. Just send your emails to with the subject line “Questions for Wendy,” and look for my responses in the upcoming issues of The Columns.

All emails will be kept confidential. I encourage you all to write me with fun pen names; that way you can ask any questions you need advice on anonymously.

Send me your thoughts and questions, Westminster; I’ll be here weekly.

~ Westminster Wendy

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