Student Social Entrepreneurs Work to Expand Public Transit System


Westminster students in Dr. Bob Hansen’s Social Entrepreneurship class are collecting data from across campus and the community to assess the need for a public transit system in Fulton.

For this class project, students have spoken with Fulton residents, students and leaders in the community, including the Fulton City Council, the mayor, a local nonprofit and several church leaders, about their goal of enabling everyone in the community to get where they need to go any time, even if they do not have their own means of transportation.

“We are a class, but we are more of a design team,” Dan Ignaczak, a member of the class and contributor to the project, said. “While some students are working toward a grade, we are working towards a project, and we are approaching it as a social entrepreneur, and it is that mindset that drives profit and nonprofit organizations to achieve positive social change.”

Another student contributing to the project, Molly Dwyer, ’16, said the project will allow the community to take better care of themselves.

“People cannot always go and get groceries at Walmart, so instead they will walk to Breaktime and get a frozen hamburger, which isn’t very healthy,” Dwyer said. “And then people who have doctor appointments may be at an inconvenience when needing to go to the doctor.”

Currently, students are working to collaborate with SERVE, a nonprofit organization that has an active transit system in Fulton. SERVE gives rides to anywhere in Fulton and back for a rate of $1.50 per person. To use this service, appointments must be made before 3 p.m. the prior day.

Students in the Social Entrepreneurship class said they would like to expand the transit system to benefit the community.

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