Westminster Helps 180 Patients in Need of Blood Transfusions

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Free T-shirts at last Wednesday’s blood drive helped bring out more students, faculty and staff than projected, as Westminster surpassed its goal of 44 units of blood and collected 60 units.

Made amid a blood shortage, the contributions, mean the Westminster community helped approximately 180 patients in need.

Donating a pint of blood usually takes less than an hour, and it can take even less time if you complete a RapidPass before arriving. The RapidPass allows you to fill out preliminary health questions from your own computer on the day of the drive.

At a school as diverse as Westminster, many students may think they are not eligible to donate. However, if you are an international student, have traveled abroad or have a tattoo, you are not automatically turned away. Red Cross employees discuss health and travel history and other eligibility requirements with potential donors before donations can be made. Even if you have been deferred in the past, you may still be able to give blood.

Westminster’s blood drives are open to anybody willing to donate.

“It’s not just for students and faculty,” Coordinator of Community Engagement Maeba Jonas said. “Community members can donate too.”

“I have donated to the American Red Cross six times and four other times with a different organization,” Sydney Sexton, ’18, said. “It’s always been a positive experience, and it’s great to help someone with just 45 minutes of my time. The first time I was terrified, but the nurses always make you feel as comfortable as possible.”

After donating blood, you need to wait 56 days before giving again. Westminster spaces its blood drives out to be about 60 days apart so you can donate at every drive.

This drive was sponsored by Kappa Alpha Theta, Beta Theta Pi, and the World Health Empowerment Program. If your organization would like to sponsor the next blood drive, contact Maeba Jonas in the Office of Community Engagement.

The next blood drive is scheduled for Monday, April 18.

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