Students Brave the Snow as Table Top Gaming Club Holds First Meeting of the Semester

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Instead of playing with snow, students played with games at Table Top Gaming Club.
It was a chilly winter night on Tuesday, Jan. 19, but for 15 students, the deep freeze was no reason to stay in bed, drinking hot chocolate and binge watching Netflix. Instead, these students ventured into the frosty night to find themselves playing some of their favorite games in Coulter Science Center room 126.

“It’s supposed to be fun,” Jeremy Quinton, ’18, the club’s president, said, adding that the weekly meetings are a great stress reliever for students to gather and game.

Those games can be anything from board games, to card games, to video games. Popular games that Table Top Gaming Club has played are “Betrayal at House on the Hill,” “Cards Against Humanity,” “Smash-Up,” “Munchkin” and “Exploding Kittens.”

All experience levels are encouraged to attend the meetings. “That’s the point of the club,” Quinton said, as he described how students will teach their favorite games to others. Quinton added that students can bring their own game or play a game that the club provides.

“It’s the one time of the week that I get to play board games with my friends,” Walker Brown, ’16, said, explaining why he is a member of the club. Brown said that he recommends the club to others on campus. “We’re more than happy to have people here, and if you don’t know how to play a game, we’re happy to teach you.”

Club organizers said they appreciate the interest of students who attend on a regular basis or even just attend once.

Table Top Gaming Club meets on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in CSC 126.

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