How Do Students Prepare for Spring Semester?



Maya Sosa, ’16, Alex Rauscher, ’17, and Jamie Striler, ’18, work on homework to get back into the routine of spring semester. PHOTO BY KAT COOPER. 



Sometimes it can be difficult coming back to college after a month of home-cooked meals, family, and Christmas and New Year’s memories. Eventually we all have to return to classes, homework and studying, and when we do, everyone gets back into the swing of school differently.

Looking at a few of the students on Westminster’s campus, we can get a good idea of how people get back into the routines of a hectic college schedule.

Freshman Gracie Koonce, ’19, said she began going to bed and getting up earlier so she felt refreshed and had time for coffee in the mornings. “I just kinda jumped back into it,” she said.

Sophomore Alex Rauscher also had a plan to stick to while preparing to come back for the spring semester. Rauscher writes everything down in her planner. This includes her schedule, due dates for assignments, and events on campus. She uses this as her main tool because it motivates her to check the syllabi for each class and helps her be aware of any upcoming deadlines.

Like Koonce, Emir Mansfield, ’17, said he goes to bed earlier the last week leading up to the end of break, so he can get more sleep and wake up easier. However, since Emir is a junior, he said he is preparing not just for spring semester but for summer and senior year. He does this by looking for internships to participate in that surround his major, in the hopes of them turning into possible jobs after graduation.

Jamie Striler, ’16, is preparing for the spring semester of her senior year in a very different way from most other students on campus. First, Jamie creates her schedule on Microsoft Excel: She lists all of her classes, meetings and work times, and she color coordinates them to help her remain organized and focused on her goals after graduation. Being a senior, Jamie has plans for graduate school after she completes her undergrad program here at Westminster. Working toward accomplishing these plans, Striler has taken the Graduate Entrance Exam (GRE), filled out applications to graduate schools, and updated her LinkedIn profile. She has also been looking for jobs surrounding her major and career aspirations.

“I’m a mixture of hopeful, terrified, and excited about the opportunities that await me after this semester,” Striler said.

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