How Career Services Is Helping Students Prepare for Life Beyond Westminster

Students at the 2015 Etiquette Dinner. PHOTO BY KARLEY LONG.

Students at the 2015 Etiquette Dinner. PHOTO BY KARLEY LONG.



The Center for Career Development sponsored many opportunities for students to prepare for their post-college experiences this semester including professional presentations, the Career Fair, the Etiquette Dinner, resume proofing, and appointments with students.

Four seminars were presented by Karley Long: Resume Writing, Interview Success, Career Fair Prep, and Social Media and Job Searching. At the resume seminar, attendees learned the basic structure for a resume and how to center a resume toward a specific position. Interview Success went over how to answer tough interview questions, how to present oneself, and how to make a lasting impression. The Career Fair Prep prepared students for the October Career Fair, giving students tips on what to wear, bring, and say. Lastly, the social media seminar covered how to keep social media clean, use LinkedIn, and how to find a job online.

Each of these presentations was reviewed by attendees afterward, averaging a rating of four and a half stars out of five.

Besides the presentations, the Center for Career Development hosted the annual Career Fair and Etiquette Dinner. The Career Fair had 135 students attend, and there were 70 representatives of more than 50 different organizations, including graduate schools, professional schools, full-time and part-time employers, and study abroad organizations. The Etiquette Dinner hosted 20 students and seven table hosts. Participants dinned on a five-course dinner made by Fresh Ideas. Students learned of the importance of silverware usage and placement, how to eat difficult foods, and heard about their table hosts’ experiences where fine dining was imperative in a professional situation.

Inside of the office, over fifty resumes were reviewed this semester alone. Scholarship and internship information and presentations were also given. Many students visited the office this semester to ask for help with resumes, mock interviews, and to find internship opportunities.

The Center for Career Development has four student workers this semester: Tenzin Dolker, Luciana Fernandez, Karley Long, and Shahil Shrestha.

Karley Long, ’18, is an intern for the Center for Career Development.

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