African Union Organization Unveils Culture to Campus

Students on stage held a fashion show during Thursday's Coffee House. PHOTO BY MATT MCCORMACK.

Thursday’s Coffee House also featured a fashion show with clothes from countries including Ethiopia, Uganda, Somali, and Tanzania. PHOTO BY MATT MCCORMACK.



Westminster’s African students revealed parts of their culture through poems, songs, clothing, and many other mediums of expression, during a Coffee House hosted by the African Union Organization in JCI on Thursday.

Tjizembua Tjikuzu, ’16, read poems he wrote in his creative writing class as a way to connect to his cultural heritage and upbringing.  One of the poems Tjikuzu recited was titled “Weepers,” a piece that could be read at funerals. Tjikuzu also sang songs that would be heard in his village in Namibia.

Linda Mushi, ’18, recited a poem titled “It’s the Africa in Me.”  The last line of this poem was “I am truly a child born from Africa.”

Members of the AUO wore traditional clothing from countries including Ethiopia, Uganda, Somali and Tanzania.

Two Africans performed a traditional dance from Uganda, and International Club Vice President Becca Cameron, ’17, performed a Beyonce song a capella.

Students said they enjoyed the variety of the performances.

“I would like to stay diverse and learn about different cultures,” Chelsea Sharp, ’19, said.

Clarisse Leach, ’17, said she particularly enjoyed the fashion show that highlighted clothing from various countries of Africa.

“It was super cool,” Leach said, referring to the Coffee House as a whole.

When discussing the Coffee House, African Union Organization President Adesola Adeyemo, ’17, said, “It brings the continent out through the music and through the poems students read.”

The event was a part of AUO’s “Straight Outta 54” themed Africa Week. A play off of the movie “Straight Outta Compton,” the number 54 was used to represent the 54 countries that make up Africa. The week also included a dance night, “Africa Day,” a panel discussion on political leadership, and an event called “Taste of Africa / Meet the Africans,” in which students sampled African food and learned more about the continent.

Adeyemo said she appreciates the work that the members of the AUO have put forth in planning Africa Week and appreciates the support that students have shown throughout the week by attending AUO’s events.

“We’re really grateful for that,” Adeyemo said.

Adeyemo said she encourages all students who have an interest in Africa to attend AUO’s meetings as the school year progresses.

“The door is open,” she said.

Spanish version coming soon. 

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