New Wifi Access Points to be Installed on Campus



New wifi access points are coming to campus. The update will start in the Quad and then branch out to all campus housing.

The new installations will hopefully be finished by the end of the semester, according to IT student employee Caleb Herr, ‘17.

When asked why the Quad was the starting point of this campus-wide update, Herr said, “The Quad has the lowest quality wifi on campus. We will be working to update the worst places first.”

The new access points are good news for those who have been disappointed with the wifi and technology on campus.

“All jokes aside, the wifi is frustrating in almost all areas of campus,” Keagan Cavanah, ’17, said. “Whether you need to get online to complete an assignment or simply want to watch Game of Thrones, you can never be certain if the wifi is going to work or not.” When told about the new updates, students seemed cautiously optimistic.

“Living with wifi in the Quad has been a challenge,” Casey McCollum, ’19, said. “I am looking forward to the improvements that are promised.”

The funding for IT on campus has been scarce in the past.

“The IT department is doing everything in their power and budget,” Herr said. “We try to provide students with the best technological solutions.”

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly labeled the new wifi equipment being installed. The devices are called access points, not routers.


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