Budget Cuts Mean Meals over Break Are Not Guaranteed





As a result of a $1 million dollar schoolwide budget cut, students who stay on campus over Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break will no longer be receiving one meal a day from Fresh Ideas, beginning this Thanksgiving.

Cuts to Student Life were outlined at the Student Government Association meeting on Oct. 6. Athletics will receive a $45,000 cut to its budget, the student life office will lose $9,000 for supplies and printing, and $44,000 of those cuts will be taken from meals.

This cut will largely affect international students.

Student life is discussing alternative ways to provide food to students who stay on campus.

“The Emerson Center and other staff have been working really hard to figure out a plan to feed students since the meals were cut,” said Molly Dwyer, president of SGA. “They already have a plan in place for Thanksgiving break, and I believe the conversation is now about plans for Christmas break.”

One suggestion SGA developed in Tuesday’s meeting was to fund a few meals with a possible gift from the Parents’ Association.

Immediate solutions are also being developed.

“Finance committee approved funding for “to go” bags of food, and I’ve heard that one of the local churches is planning a meal or two,” Dwyer said. “While this is an adjustment, I know that a lot of planning is already happening to ensure that students are having food over break. Once everything is discussed and figured out, I will make sure students are aware of what the final plan entails.”


  • You know what, I looked back at my previous comment and realized two things: 1. My post contained spelling errors and 2. It wasn’t acidic enough. It is ridiculous that the international students who will be staying over the breaks will now have to pay for food they did not budget for. It’s one thing to announce this change before the start of the year. But to spring this on students now? I realize we are financially bleeding. But is this really a necessary cut? Shame on Westminster for not providing food for the international students whom we lured here.


  • It’s not like I need food to sustain my life or anything. You know what, since we are in a budget crisis, let’s just cut breakfast too. And lets get rid of the few remaining protein options the school serves, that should save a couple pennies. I reallt enjoy going to the dining hall and having a choice betwren carb 1 carb 2 carb 3 and carb 4. Good to see that the school has its priorities straight. #NoFood2015


  • Why are there budget cuts? We are paying over thirty grand to attend school here. In order to attend classes this year we had to have or accounts paid off which was b***s*** especially for someone who could not afford to pay. I also think that it is good that International students will have to go out to eat or cook meals instead of getting free meals from the dining hall over break.


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