Tips and Tricks for Acing Midterms

Study tips and tricksBY LUKE GERAU


As midterms quickly approach, many students need inspiration hitting the books. To help prepare for the mid-semester scare, Westminster students shared their favorite study tips and tricks.

A common theme on campus is to start studying early. Manage your time and begin studying a week or two in advance.

“I recommend getting ahead of your work,” Clayton Harrison, ’17, said. “If you do this, there is no chance you get behind.”

According to senior Mik Ebert, you should never try to study seven hours straight. If you begin to study an hour here and there a few weeks before the test, you’ll be much more prepared than if you cram.

“Start studying with plenty of time to spare,” Hannah Hunt, ’18, said. “The earlier you start to study, you’ll begin to remember the material better, and you won’t have to worry about cramming the night before the test.”

Another tip is to add studying to your daily agenda.

“Make studying a priority and set aside time to do it,” Katie Koonce, ’16, said. “That way when your friends want to hang out, you won’t blow it off,” she said, adding, “Studying with friends helps too. It holds us accountable and makes us feels less guilty during our routine Netflix binges.”

The library is a great place to study, and it has lots of resources that can help along the way.

“Don’t try to study at your house or in your dorm,” Kate Sanchez, ’16, said. “It’s easy to get distracted by other things. I know I always end up cleaning my entire apartment instead.”

No matter when, where, or how you choose to study, “find what you do best and exercise it,” Drew Landherr, ’17, said.

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