Colors of Westminster Develops Sophomores’ Leadership Skills

Sophomores and group leaders at the Colors of Westminster retreat.

Sophomores and group leaders at the Colors of Westminster retreat.



“Colors of Westminster,” an off-campus, overnight retreat that included workshops and activities, helped to develop the leadership skills and multicultural competencies of about 20 sophomore students from Sept. 18 to Sept. 20.

The retreat participants were nominated by faculty and staff, and further chosen by a selection committee because of their promising leadership abilities.

“It is a meaningful event for sophomore students,” said Tony Mitchell, the retreat’s organizer and the Westminster fellow of Intercultural Engagement. “They can experience diversity and develop social skills through this at a young age and bring it back to their daily life” he said, adding, “It is helpful for me as well. I become more aware of myself.”

Sireen Tamrakar, ’17, attended the retreat last year as a sophomore and became a group leader this year.

“I value this event,” Tamrakar said. “It gave me opportunities to show opinions and connect with people closely, and I feel honored to guide sophomore emerging leaders.”

Sophomore Shafa Fathimath said her favorite part of the leadership retreat was the last event. At this event, participants stood in a line with their eyes closed. As the host asked questions about personal background and life conditions, individuals either moved forward or backward.

“We started from same spot but ended up with significant difference,” Fathimath said. She described how the activity allowed her to see that the people she is around every day have many differences in terms of educations, family, and background.

“After I have seen those neglected facts about our differences, I comprehended the importance to treat everyone equally,” she said.

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