Going Beyond Greek Life: Independents Thrive at Westminster

Pictured (Left to Right): Mikey Williams, Manoj Ghimire, Apoorba Malla, and Chandan Thapa. PHOTO BY LUKE GERAU.

Pictured (Left to Right): Mikey Williams, Manoj Ghimire, Apoorba Malla, and Chandan Thapa. PHOTO BY LUKE GERAU.



Independent culture is easy to overlook when one thinks of Westminster College.

The school’s website contains multiple pages dedicated to Greek life, numerous Greek-themed parties and events happen each semester, and every fall, fraternities and sororities flood the campus with promotions in an effort to recruit new members. Yet students who are not affiliated with a Greek organization thrive academically, socially, and in athletics on Westminster’s campus.

In the classroom, independent students take an active part in leading discussions, meeting with professors, and receiving excellent GPAs.

In extracurricular groups and clubs, non-affiliated students often hold leadership positions. For example, independent Adé Adeyemo is president of the African Union, and Bobby Sweeney is sophomore class president.

Outside of the classroom, independent students spend time in HAC or JCI and, for first-year students, in the Quad. These common areas provide a space for those without lounges or houses to hang out.

Independent students are also able to connect and network with Greek students without having to be a part of Greek life.

“You can hang out at any house with anybody you want,” Manoj Ghimire, ’18, said. “You are not bound to a single house or friend group.”

Independent students also have the opportunity to live in on-campus housing, such as the triangle, Emerson, The Grove, and the apartments, as well as housing off campus.

A wide variety of non-affiliated students also take part in Westminster athletics. Every sport at Westminster has at least one independent participant on the team. Independent students can also be found in HAC gym playing basketball, racquetball, soccer, and lifting weights.

At Westminster, independent life may not be as advertised, but those who are a part of it flourish just as much as those who decide to be a part of Greek life. At Westminster, students excel, no matter which lifestyle they choose.

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