Kappa Alpha Order Celebrates 125 Years at Westminster

The Kappa Alpha Order house at Westminster College. PHOTO BY LUKE GERAU.

The Kappa Alpha Order house at Westminster College. PHOTO BY LUKE GERAU.



It is a historical year for the Alpha Eta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order as the fraternity celebrates 125 years at Westminster College.

Chapter members and alumni will observe KA’s rich history on campus and discuss the fraternity’s next 125 years at Westminster on Oct. 24 with a series of events, including an open house from 2-3:30 p.m. and a ceremonial planting of an Oak tree in front of the chapter house at 4 p.m. A cocktail party will follow in Mueller Dining Hall. Dinner will be held for Alpha Eta alumni at 7 p.m., followed by a short program.

Special guests invited to take part in the celebration include Westminster President Benjamin Akande, U.S. Senator for Missouri and Alpha Eta Chapter initiate Roy Blunt, as well as countless others who have made the last 125 years possible.

In honor of this monumental year and in time for fall recruitment, the men of Alpha Eta have poured approximately $100,000 worth of renovations into their almost 100-year-old house, according to Al Jenkins, an Alpha Eta alumnus from the class of 1969. Jenkins and Ed Long, Alpha Eta’s cook, are responsible for the renovations made to the chapter house this past summer. The projects included painting the entire exterior of the chapter house, annex, and first floor, room renovations, and new landscaping, with the help of Alpha Eta alumnus Rex Friedman.

When asked why he took on the project, Jenkins simply said, “I’ve been doing upkeep on the house for the past 35 years — before me, my father for 20 years.”

The active chapter members have only high praise for the work done on their house.

“The house is more 21st century, it’s more modern, and the guys are more respectful towards the new stuff,” Blake Strebler, ’18, said. “The house is more presentable. The first impression is much better than last year.”

A big part of new renovations is keeping up with those renovations. Much of the chapter seemed certain the house will continue to look the best it ever has.

“The house now looks more appealing from the front as well as the inside,” Jake Lund, ’16, said. “The active chapter, as well as myself, are taking it upon ourselves to make sure it looks this way for a while.”

Chapter members say another upside to having new renovations is that it draws the eye of prospective students.

“Honestly, the house looks really good,” Connor Hager, ’17, said. “It will help us and the school significantly with recruitment,” said Hager, adding, “We will be able to take pride in the way our house looks and will not be ashamed to show it off to current and future freshmen.”

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