Student Involvement Fair Helps Generate Interest for New Geology Club

Students gathered in the dining hall to meet club representatives and explore the many organizations on campus. PHOTO BY JINYU WANG.

Students gathered in the dining hall to meet club representatives and explore the many organizations on campus. PHOTO BY JINYU WANG.



The newly founded Geology Club was among more than 60 student organizations in Backer Dining Hall for the annual Student Involvement Fair on the evening of Aug. 28.

Held within the first week of classes, the Student Involvement Fair gives students the opportunity to explore all of the activities, programs, and organizations Westminster’s campus has to offer, which include 63 organizations, two student publications, 16 honorary societies, three student government groups, seven student boards, and two Greek councils.

In the crowded dining hall, stones and photos helped attract students to the Geology Club exhibit and learn more about the newest club on campus.

“The geology club is an up-and-coming club that tries to inspire it’s members to learn more about the field of geology while also trying to plan awesome field trips, community service events, and events within the community,” Zach Stafford, ’17, said. “I personally would like to have everyone in the entire school at least come to one meeting because this club will literally ‘rock your world,’” he added.

Stafford said the Student Involvement Fair is great for small or up-and-coming clubs. “It give us a chance to grow and aspire to be a great Westminster club,” he said. “I am thankful for it!”

Westminster offers a wide range of opportunities in response to the varied interests of the campus community.

The Student Involvement Fair also featured clubs from different cultures: International Club, African Union, Chinese Club, French Club and Spanish Club, clubs from different fields: Chemistry Club, History Club, Philosophers Corner and Literature Club, as well as clubs from different interests: Anime Club, Break Dance Club, Piece Makers Craft Club, and many more.

With so many organizations on campus, students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about them all in one place.

“It’s very meaningful to offer such a platform for students to find friends who are in the same camp,” Zitong Jia, ’19, said.

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