Follow-Up: A Continuation of Technology Problems on Campus

"Do Not Use" signs disrupted class and sophomore registration. PHOTO BY MATT MCCORMACK.

“Do Not Use” signs disrupted class and sophomore registration. PHOTO BY MATT MCCORMACK.



Students continue to express concern with technology on campus.

While students have seen some improvements to the computers on campus, they continue to express concern with technology and its interference with class and assignments.

Students have seen some improvements with the computers in the library PC lab. Jennyfer Larios Martinez, ’15, has noticed a change in the computer that she uses in the lab, but she still has trouble with printing. “It has storage now,” Larios Martinez said. “I downloaded 10 pictures, and it works. But it does not connect to the colored printer.” As a result, Larios Martinez said she has lost money because paper has not come out of the printers after she clicked the print button.

Madison Zack, ’18, brings her own laptop when she has class in the computer lab in the library. Zack said she has her own laptop to work on assignments because it is more convenient, and she has more confidence in her laptop compared to the computers on campus. Like Larios Martinez, Zack said she has had difficulty printing assignments.

“Sometimes the computers have the ‘Do Not Use’ signs,” Zack added. As a result of the signs, classes in the computer lab have been disrupted several times this semester as well as the sophomore class registration period.

Larios Martinez said she saves assignments in her e-mail because she does not trust the hard drives on the college computers.

Both Larios Martinez and Zack said that professors, too, have had issues with technology in the classroom. Larios Martinez said, “For my speech class, we had to use visual aids, but the projector just turned off.” She also noted that in a management class, the day’s class material was not accessible to students because the computer screen frequently turned black. Zack added that some computers in the classrooms will not play videos. “I think it’s kind of a nuisance,” Zack said, adding, “It stops learning for a little bit.”

Olivia Bailey, ’17, circulation assistant in the library, said that students still seek her advice for a malfunctioned printer. Bailey said that fewer students have come to her expressing concern with the printers, but rather, students have asked Bailey for assistance in locating the printer. The printer that sat near the circulation desk has now been moved to the new library reference area facing 7th Street.

Bailey does not live on campus and purchased a printer of her own over Spring Break. She said she invested in a printer because of previous experiences with the college’s printers. Bailey, like Zack, uses a laptop. Bailey said the laptop she uses is more reliable and faster than the computers on campus.

When asked what the I.T. Department could do to fix the technology concerns on campus, Larios Martinez said she would like to see I.T. have a quicker response time in addressing technology problems. One suggestion that Zack expressed was having paper outside the printers so students can load the printers when the paper runs out.

The Columns requested an interview with the Director of I.T., Mike McNellis, to address what specific steps the I.T. Department is taking to address students’ concerns with printers, computers, and other technology problems on campus. The Columns wanted to learn if communication between the I.T. Department and the student body could be improved, but McNellis did not wish to comment.

One comment

  • Good story Matt. But the IT issues at this school are still horrendous. For instance…the Mac lab? Do any of those work now? I attempted to use those last year and NOT A SINGLE F****** ONE WORKED. Had I known the tech issues were so awful at WestMO I would not have attended. I hope the IT director actually does something about this…and hopefully the administration is giving him funding rather than giving SGA money to bring Aaron Carter to campus……….


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