Fulton Connection: Beks

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To enjoy delicious, flavorful food in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, Sydney suggests trying Beks.

If you live in Fulton and you have not heard of Beks or have not yet tried their Parmesan artichoke dip, I am here to tell you that you are severely missing out. If you have not yet been to Beks, it is located in the Brick District across the street from China Palace. I highly suggest you go sometime.

Walking into Beks, a completely different atmosphere emerges. For one, it is a fancier restaurant so the lights are dimmed and the customers are quiet and relaxed. The building itself is much bigger than it looks from the outside; there are three main rooms of dining tables and chairs. Also, the staff wears nice, professional attire.

For food, my friends, Stefanie Eggleston, ’18, and Maddy Feldewerth, ‘18, and I first ordered the large order of the Parmesan artichoke dip to share for an appetizer. It arrived quickly at our table, and we soon began to devour it. Part of what makes the dip so delicious is that it is served with warm pita chips. You can order carrots and celery instead of the pita, but the pita wraps it all together. The dip is creamy, flavorful and has the perfect combination of spices and ingredients. I could go on for days about how delicious this dip is, but it would be better for you to experience the magic yourself.

Now for the entrées! I ordered the Beks salad with grilled chicken, Stefanie ordered the chipotle chicken pasta, and Maddy ordered the Alfredo. One word: Heaven. The Beks salad consists of mixed greens, season fruit (in this case strawberries and apples), toasted walnuts, bleu cheese, and it is served with a side of balsamic vinaigrette (the dressing can be substituted for one of the other dressings they offer). You can top it with grilled chicken for an additional cost. The salad was amazing. It was light and fresh, much different (and better) than the average salad bar at the Dining Hall. The chicken was the perfect portion size and its warmth added to the beauty and awe that was going on inside my mouth. I will admit, though, that the balsamic does hurt your tongue if you eat too much of it! The salad was too good to let any of it go to waste. If you have not come to this conclusion already, I will let you know that I had a happy plate. Speaking of plates, Beks uses really pretty and expensive Fiestaware that my mother adores.

The pastas also got a positive review. They are huge! Both Stefanie and Maddy were able to take home a large portion of their meal to have for leftovers. Maddy said that the Alfredo was “creamy and the noodles were tender and not overcooked.” There was plenty of sauce atop the noodles and the flavors were a “rush to her taste buds.” Stefanie also enjoyed her pasta.

Our overall total was $49.55 for the four items. We had a $50.00 gift card though, so it was nice that we only had to pay for the tip.

Beks does not disappoint and is worth the money. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars, and I plan to return not only for the dip, but to try everything on the menu. You can see their menu and prices at http://beksshop.com/menus.html.

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