10 Ways to Survive Exams



Exams are closer than you think. Here are some helpful tips to help you survive in the classroom and head to the swimming pool, not summer school, this summer.

1. Go to office hours

Helpful Hint: Teachers’ office hours are posted outside of their doors.

Helpful Hint: Teachers’ office hours are posted outside of their doors.

Pop in and see your teacher before the exam. This can answer any questions you have directly from the source. It can also improve your chances of not returning to that office for the same class in the fall.

2. Have some caffeine.


Everyone could use an energy boost during a late-night study session. Head over to JCI to use those Blue Jay Bucks or find a vending machine so you can stay awake all night if you have to.

3. Meet with a tutor.

Helpful Hint: Teachers’ office hours are posted outside of their doors.

Helpful Hint: Teachers’ office hours are posted outside of their doors.

See if your class has a tutor. If not, find someone who has taken the class in years past. Let them give you some peace of mind and tips while you study together.

4. Visit your exam location.


Studying where you will take the exam can help your nerves and performance overall. You won’t be overwhelmed searching for a classroom the day of and can more easily recall the information you studied if you dedicate a few study sessions to your exam location.

5. Check Moodle.


Teachers may post study guides and other helpful study tools on Moodle. This is also a good way to review the semester: glance over old posts to refresh your memory on what happened over the course of this spring.

6. Study with friends.


Studying can be painful to some. Make it more fun by studying with your friends and classmates. Just make sure to actually study and not socialize the entire time.

7. Don’t get distracted.


Turn off your phone. Lock your door. Do whatever you can to make each of your study sessions as productive as possible.

8. Come to the exam prepared.


Don’t forget a calculator, notecard, or outline if you have those options. Exams are hard enough. Don’t make things harder by doing long division in the margin of your paper.

9. Get some sleep.


Sleep. You have to. Pulling an all-nighter may be appealing to some, but sleep is vital to doing well on exams. Even if you don’t get your full eight hours, power naps are great to give the brain a break during the day.

10. Hang in there.


We all have to take exams. Summer is waiting for us when we finish. So push yourself, work hard, and do well on your exams this semester by applying some of these tips to your studying schedule.

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