Interfaith House Gets Crowded for Easter Dinner

Students having their Easter dinner at the Interfaith House. PHOTO BY JENNYFER LARIOS.

Students having their Easter dinner at the Interfaith House. PHOTO BY JENNYFER LARIOS.


Over 40 students gathered at the end of Holy Week for the Easter dinner held by the International Club and Interfaith House.

The International Club together with the Interfaith House at Westminster College hosted an Easter dinner on Sunday evening for students who stayed on campus during the day off.

Some professors said that they were surprised by the idea of having the Monday after Easter off rather than the Friday before, which is the traditional day off, established by the Christian community for its Holy Week. “We now have a good Monday rather than a Good Friday,” said Associate Professor of Business Dr. William Carner. “Who could have thought of that?”

For students, Monday was another day to relax. Thus, the International Club committee decided to have a meal in the Interfaith House on Sunday for those who stayed on campus during the long weekend. According to the organizers, Sunday was a good day to gather together because it was the end of Holy Week and Monday was to catch up with assignments.

The day of the event, there were around 40 attendees, plus six to eight students who helped with the cooking. There were more international than domestic students who attended. The number exceeded the organizers’ expectations, according to Rebecca Cameron, ’17, Vice-President of the International Club. “I didn’t imagine how many people would show up,” said Cameron.

Juan Manzo, ’17, secretary of the International Club, said that from the email the Club sent only six students had replied with a confirmation saying that they would come to the event.

The event started at 6:00 p.m., but students started to arrive at 5:00 p.m. The dinner was served around 6:20 p.m., followed by a prayer from Adésola Adeyemo, ’17.

The dinner included chicken, beef, shrimp, a type of Indian bread made of flour, fried jalapeños, white rice, curry, and two cases of soda. According to the treasurer of the International Club, Ahmed Baqai, ’17, the club only requested around $80 for everything. However, the residents of the house had to make more rice because it was not going to be enough for the crowd, said Octaviana Do Rosario, ’15.

The residents of Interfaith House said that this was the first time they saw the house crowded. “There were not enough chairs, and neither space to walk in without rubbing each other’s bodies,” said Bethia Lalduhawni, ’15, a resident of the house. There were also people eating on the porch of the house. Do Rosario said: “The house was too small for the amount of people who came. I’m glad we were able to feed all these people.”

Sona Kamjo, ’15, one of the students who came for the dinner said that she enjoyed the food. She smiled and said, “Sitting on the floor while eating was cool.”

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