Student Government Association Meeting: April 2


Bulletin board upstairs in JCI displaying the upcoming Leadership Awards. PHOTO BY AUSTIN MORRIS

Bulletin board upstairs in JCI displaying the upcoming Leadership Awards. PHOTO BY AUSTIN MORRIS


The heart of the meeting began with funding approval for various organizations. First, the African Union Organization and International Club sought funds for their upcoming African Formal. An email was sent out with additional information about the event on April 3. It will be open to all students, but to attend, one must have sent a RSVP before April 7.

Second, the freshman class representatives are planning a beach-themed dinner during alumni weekend, when an alumni-only dinner will prevent normal dining services in the Dining Hall where mostly freshmen eat. The event is not exclusive to the freshman class, so anyone will be able to attend.

Finally, the senior class representatives received approval and funding for their upcoming senior week. This week will include events such as a service project, a senior dinner, and a movie night.

Next, the committee responsible for the revisions of the SGA constitution gave a presentation on its progress so far. Though this may not be of interest to the average student, it is a valuable tool for those interested in taking a position within SGA next fall. You can find the nearly-completed constitution here, on SGA’s Moodle page.

Lastly, there was an update on the search for a new Westminster College President. Over Spring Break, 15 candidates were interviewed at the Lambert International Airport in St. Louis. This week, the search committee will meet with two finalists in Columbia, and next Wednesday, it will meet with the third finalist. Due to confidentiality agreements, the search committee is still unable to reveal the identities of these candidates, but SGA was assured that they are all more than capable of taking over the presidency.

Upcoming Events
Leadership Awards April 14
Undergraduate Scholars Forum April 16

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