International Education Day

The Missouri Capitol on International Education Day PHOTO CREDIT ABDULLAH MAHDI

The Missouri Capitol on International Education Day


Students visit the State Capitol for International Education Day.

Westminster students joined hundreds of international and study abroad students from across Missouri in the State Capitol building in Jefferson City, Mo., on March 31 for International Education Day, an annual event that was founded to promote international education and foster international discussion among students from colleges across the state.

Two advisers and 17 students from Westminster participated in the festivities. Many students from Westminster said they enjoyed the cultural exchange between people of their own culture and from other cultures.

“I enjoyed the organization of the day most,” said Abdullah Mahdi, ’18. “It allowed for us to connect with individuals from all over the world, specifically people from our home nation.” He added, “This experience was beneficial for me because I was able to communicate and build relationships.”

While at International Education Day, students were able to see and discuss how a bill becomes a law, meet with lawmakers, and tour the State Capitol. A new break out session was introduced this year. The session taught students how to discuss their international experience in a job interview. This session was recently added because of the growing importance of international relations.

Westminster’s attendees said they were thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the event, and are excited for next year’s International Education Day.

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