Don’t Roast Your Grades as Warmer Weather Settles in: 5 Outdoor Places to Study on Campus



Anxious to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but have homework to do, tests to study for, and papers to write? Your grades don’t have to suffer for you to bask in the sunshine. Thaw your creativity and check out these outdoor  spots around campus. Take your books, notes, and sunglasses, and get a tan while you get an A.


Need to study during your lunch break? Get lunch from JCI, then head outside to the tables in front of the entrance. The food and fresh air will pick up your mood, and you’ll be full, focused, and ready for your 1 p.m. test.


If you live in the quad or the apartments, balconies make a close and comfortable place to study. Sit in a lawn chair or on a blanket, and study in the shade as you enjoy the higher temperatures.


Working on a group project? The tables and chairs outside of the Dining Hall make the perfect place for an outdoor meeting. With plenty of space and a surface for all of your study materials, this study spot can be used for more than just eating.


The benches surrounding the Davidson Leadership Plaza are ready for you to catch up on reading assignments. Listen to the fountain and get a great view of the Hill. You’ll be surprised how enjoyable it can be to read four chapters in a textbook.


You don’t have to stay in the library all day to do your homework anymore. Sit at the table or on one of the benches right outside the library reference area to write a paper. When it’s time to print, just head inside. You’ll have all the convenience of studying in the library, without having to stay indoors.

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