International Freshman Students Experience Snow for the First Time



In the spring semester some international freshman students experience their first snow. At the end of February Westminster campus got its share of snow. Although the day alternated between cold and warm, six international freshman students embraced their first encounter with the snow. They adapted to this winter and enjoyed playing with the snow.

图片2Nicolas Lopez, ’18, says that the first day he went out he had snowballs fight with his friends. Lopez wanted to play in the snow everyday, but school work didn’t allow it.

图片9Rupa Kumari, ’18, with a big smile on her face said that she didn’t do anything the first day she saw the snow. Nevertheless, she was super happy about the snow day at the school: “I jumped all around the quad and I was sliding on the road,” she said.


Bernard Mugisha, ’18, felt frustrated the first day of snow. “It wasn’t enough. I wanted to play,” he said. The second time in mid February when school got cancelled, he took his shoes off and jumped on the snow just to feel it.


Morategi Kgomokhumo, ’18, was not impressed with the snow.  “The cold is not my thing,” he said. According to Kgomokhumo, there was so much snow that it was impossible to walk, especially when international students don’t have the right shoes. “My shoes get wet pretty easy,” he added.


For others, the snow is an inspirational subject. The first day that Shamil Mardan Tapa, ’18,  saw the snow, he wrote on it: “I’M SORRY.” He took a photo of it and sent it to his girlfriend. It was a day to reflect on his personal problems. He enjoyed seeing the campus covered with the snow, but “this is enough,” he said.


Fatima Shafa, ’18, was mentally prepared to receive the snow because she had seen it before but never felt it. At Westminster, she walked around campus to touch the snow. When she looked at her window in her room and saw the ground super white, she remembered home. “It’s like seeing the white sand of the beach at home – The Maldives,” she said.

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