Freshman Class Attempts to Make an Impact on Event Turnout

The original movie poster released in 1985.

The original movie poster released in 1985.



Due to the low attendance of previous class events, the freshman class is attempting to increase event turnout by making their upcoming educational event more entertaining. They will sponsor a showing of The Breakfast Club on March 31 in CSC Lecture Hall to enhance awareness of social stigmas, according to Senator Gabby Osborn.

The Student Government Association requires each class to put on four events through the school year. One of these is an educational event, made to provide information to the respective class through some type of event. The freshman SGA members have chosen to inform their class of the social stigmas related to young people for their educational event.

The Breakfast Club was produced by Universal Pictures in 1985. Since its release, the movie grossed over $38 million. Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, and Anthony Michael Hall are famous for their performances in this movie. The basic storyline follows the day of five teenagers stuck in detention who discover more about themselves and each other than could ever be taught to them in a single day at school.

The movie pinpoints the issue of stereotypes including jocks, preppy girls, nerds, freaks, and stoners. Each of the five central characters struggle with their own personal issues along with the added harassment from their schoolmates. The awareness of bullying and intolerance is what motivated the choice to show this movie. It reveals that stereotypes are harsh and damaging to self-esteem. Those depicted in a movie made 30 years ago still apply to young people today.

A presentation about social stigmas by the freshman SGA members will occur before the movie is shown. Vice President Jon Antell said he hopes it will engage students with the bigger picture of the movie while they watch. “There are a lot of lessons to take away from the movie, even though it is an old one” said Antell. “These stereotypes are still huge in society today, even on Westminster’s campus.”

Freshman Morgan Henry commented on the movie choice:  “I think it will be an interesting watch. Some people don’t realize when they are stereotyping because it occurs so often these days. Hopefully, the movie will make an impact on the freshman students that watch.”

There will be pizza, soda, cookies, and chips provided with the movie showing on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. The freshman SGA members encourage all freshman students to come and de-stress by watching and learning from the old classic.

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